Steelmaking Fundamentals Part 2: The Electric Arc Furnace Route

This is the second part of the Steelmaking Fundamentals series. Part 2 will focus mainly on the Electric Arc Furnace Route. In this course, you will discuss the story behind the Arc in the Electric Arc Furnace, list the ingredients included in the EAF route, identify where EAF fits in the steelmaking process and describe the working of an EAF. 

To make things interesting, after completing each topic, Stela (our Steel Learning Android) will give you steel coins that you can put in a vending machine within the course. You’ll also learn about a lot of interesting INSIDE ACTIVITIES from the steel plants that’ll blow your mind. 

Towards the end, you’ll identify the differences between the EAF and BF routes to steelmaking.


We soon recognised that the module could be of benefit to others outside of the GFG family who are keen to grow their own understanding – so we’ve decided to share with everyone, everywhere!

The module is called ‘Steelmaking Fundamentals Part 2: The Electric Arc Furnace Route’. It was developed in English but soon will also translated into several languages, accessible via the links above. We hope you enjoy it and find it helpful. We’d love to hear your feedback, so please let us know your thoughts via the form at the end of the module, or contact us here.

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