About the GREENSTEEL Academy

GFG has announced our approach to tackling climate change through our GREENSTEEL strategy. Our ambition is to become carbon neutral by 2030 – or as we call it, Delivering CN30 – LIBERTY Steel Group.

As part of that strategy, we have created the GREENSTEEL Academy to help us to build the skills we need to sustain our industry for the long term and meet our CN30 strategic objectives.  The GREENSTEEL Academy’s mission is simple: to engageinspire and develop the workforce of today and tomorrow through innovative development programmes.

We recognise that some of these programmes may be of benefit to those outside of the GFG family – so we’re proud to publicly share some of the content we’ve created as part of the Academy. Find these in the “Learning Library” or along with any Academy updates in our “Latest content and updates” section below.

Latest Content and Updates