Climate Change Fundamentals

Discover GREENSTEEL, Learning Library > 8th November, 2021

In this module we go back to basics to learn some key fundamentals around climate change and build a picture of why our Delivering CN30 – LIBERTY Steel Group strategic ambition is more critical than ever. Select your language below.

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Do you know the difference between global warming and climate change? How about the causes or the impacts of it today and in the future? The climate crisis is the defining challenge of our generation. Scientists are clear about the reality of climate change and we should be too.

We want all GFG employees (whatever their role) feel engaged with, and a key contributor to our CN30 mission. With this in mind, we wanted to “start with why”, so we developed this interactive online learning module to ensure everyone had an understanding of the damage being done to our planet and the compelling case for change.

We soon recognised that the module could be of benefit to others outside of the GFG family who are keen to grow their own understanding – so we’ve decided to share with everyone, everywhere!

The module is called ‘Climate Change Fundamentals’. It was developed in English but has been translated into several languages, accessible via the links above. We hope you enjoy it and find it helpful. We’d love to hear your feedback, so please let us know your thoughts via the form at the end of the module, or contact us here.

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